"Good vibes are good,                            "La buena onda es positiva,
                                     only if they are shared"                         sólo si se comparte"                                
*We are two Argentineans who work as freelance tour guides, 
authorized by the Tourism Entity of Buenos Aires*
*Somos dos jóvenes argentinos que trabajamos como guías freelance, 
autorizados por el Ente de Turismo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires*

Carolina, known as "Caro" (29) is a language lover. She's really easy-going and friendly, and has always a big smile on her face even if it's freezing! She was born in Buenos Aires and has lived here ever since, so that means she is 100% porteña, which is a term used to refer to the people from B.A. Her favourite place is the Recoleta district and it shows since she knows each of its corners like the back of her hand. She graduated in Tourism and Hospitality Industry and has worked in many tourist agencies. She knows English, Spanish and keeps learning Italian, German, Portuguese and French.

Gabriel, known as "Gaby" (31), is an English teacher and he is also a porteño. He really loves interacting with other people. He may look a bit on the quiet side but when he gets to sharing what he knows with other people, there's no stopping him! Being an observant traveller himself, he lets people discover things that seem to be hidden-away from view. He never gets tired and he is always enthusiastic. He loves learning languages, summertime, our popular "mate", and has always been eager to learn new things. He loves his job as a teacher but he also believes that dealing with new challenges broadens your mind and so that's why he has joined this venture!

                       TOGETHER                                                 JUNTOS                                                                                                       we share the same passion!                       compartimos la misma pasión!
  • We are proud of our culture/ Sentimos orgullo por nuestra cultura.
  • We love being in contact with travellers around the world/ Nos encanta conocer viajeros del mundo entero.
  • We enjoy interacting in many languages/ Nos encanta interactuar en diversas lenguas.